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Saudi National Day Festivities!

Hello! It’s been a while. Life sometimes gets so busy lying sprawled on a couch doing nothing but stare at a ceiling starts to become another task that has got to be done, for your own sanity. But less of that, and more of the fact that tomorrow is Saudi National Day! Which also happens to be a national holiday. Let that sink in for a moment… A mandatory couch potato day. In the middle of the week. If that isn’t marvelous, we don’t know what is. (The fact that the streets get positively flooded with our gorgeous flags is also marvelous.)

And, if you’re like us, and you have kids/and or would like to get into a celebratory mood, you’re probably wondering what’s there to be done on the 23rd of September. Also if you’re like us you’ll only be wondering the night of the 23rd, because you’re cool like that. Very cool. As cool as cucumbers. As cool cool as- Ahem. Anyway, we figured we’d compile a list of all the events we’ve found and post it here for  you anyway. If only to show you how awesome Riyadh really is. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

1- Comedians! Acrobats (we think)! An awesome looking mini-orchestra! A light show! More comedians! And it’s all for FREE. Doors open at 5pm, and the epic-sounding show starts at 8pm, in the صالات الخضراء somewhere in Riyadh. Sidenote: The show is للشباب فقط.  Don’t fret, families, there’s plenty entertainment elsewhere.

check the mentioned social media accounts for more info.

check the mentioned social media accounts for more info.


2-King Abdullah Park, Almalaz:

Ever wanted to see/are a big fan of folklore dancing and traditional shows in the open air? This is the place to be! From 5pm till midnight inshAllah, the park will be hosting a large number of festivities, from the aforementioned dancing, to displays by a number of army bands, and a children’s operetta. The stage is set to be 360 square meters, so you know it’ll be fun.

Image borrowed from Riyadh Connect, to visit their website, please click on the link provided.

Image borrowed from Riyadh Connect, to visit their website, please click on the link provided.

for more info about the park, check here:


3-حديقة مناخ الملك عبدالعزيز:

Two family events will be hosted here, the first one an interactive kids games and show from 5-11pm, and the other a traditional tent with cultural festivities and poetry readings by Saudi poets from around the country from 6pm-12am.


4- King Abdulaziz Historical Center:

Festivities here will be held from 8-11pm. They will be showing عرضات نجدية وسامري, plus a munshid, and a tent will hold several traditional arts and crafts and a henna corner (!). Plus, there will be food. Traditional food. YUM FOOD. GO THERE.

5- North Riyadh:

A special site has been set aside in Northern Riyadh for what seems to be the funnest events we’ve found so far! One word: Airshow. Okay, autocorrect says it’s two but then autocorrect doesn’t think ‘autocorrect’ is a valid word so HAH. It counts. Anyway, there will be an airshow, and a gyrocopter showing, plus a motorcycle show. A motorcycle show! And some drifting thrown in, just to see how far they could take the coolness factor. The Saudi Falcons will be performing in the airshow. Which wins all, to be honest. Festivities start from 3:30pm to 11pm.

Also, the municipality has arranged for the Ritz Carlton to put on a light show on the hotel’s facade. So much win in one area, really.

6- Marwa Center for the Disabled:

From 8pm, a number of festivities with a specialized program will be held for the disabled at the center, with poetry readings and entertainment to be held throughout till midnight.

7- Show Arena in Doh Park:

From 8-12pm, and it will be trying to steal North Riyadh’s thunder by hosting a mini-kinda-version of the x games, with rollerblading, motorcycles, monster trucks, dirt bikes, and a wall stunt of some sort all on the program! Plus folklore dancing and poetry in a separate tent.

8- Museums:

Why not use the day off to learn a little more history? Quite a number of museums will be participating in the National Day festival, including: The National Museum (duh), متحف صقر الجزيرة, Diriyiah Museum, Masmak Palace, Shaqraa Museum and Alsalem Museum.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Fireworks will go off in different places around the city at 11:30pm, so be ready with your eyes and cameras! Locations: King Abdullah Park, King Fahad Stadium, Prince Sultan University, جسر المعلق, Manakh Neighborhood, North Riyadh.


And that’s all we could come up with at such short notice! We hope the list is as useful to you as it was to us! And happy saudi day to everyone out there.

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