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Eid Printable Round Up!

 Ah, Eid. How we love you. How we await yet not await for you. You’re the bittersweet end to Ramadan; bitter because we’ll miss the holiness of the month and sweet because it’s such a happy day (and we get to eat chocolate all day long).

Bottom line is, Eid Alfitr is something the entire muslim world looks forward to every year, and it’s a huge deal, and because it comes right after the hectic Ramadan, it is not without its fair share of preparation. Smart people start getting ready a week before, crazy people (us) start getting ready a whole year three months before.

But, honestly. You don’t even need a week to get it all done? How so, you say? Well, my dear curious reader, why the internets of course! The wonderful magical world wide web has a whole bunch of free Eid and Ramadan printables made by brilliant kind people just waiting for you and your printer to get busy. And to make it a wee bit easier for you, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites! Just get your scissors, glue, and your printing paper ready, will you? It’ll be fun. We promise.

Sakina Designs Lantern

Sakina Designs

Okay, so technically this isn’t a Eid printable, it’s for Ramadan, but we think it would work perfectly for Eid. And also every day after Eid. All year round. What? It’s pretty! You can find it and the story behind its creation at

Sew Chic and Unique’s Eid Gift Tags


Aside from our appreciation for this blog’s awesome punny name, these gift tags are cute. And they come in both Arabic and English. And the idea of bukhoor as a gift is lovely!

Eid Countdown from Craftionary


How smart is this idea? Get your kids excited about Eid and count down the days of Ramadan with this super easy printable! (And make sure you don’t procrastinate too much) We like.

Eid Lantern from In My Studio

in my studio

In My Studio

Oooh we love this. Mostly because the kind Iva Izman has kindly provided a whole suite of matching printables with these lanterns! There are also food tags and eidiyat packets and an adorable cake bunting available for free download. If you follow us on instagram you’ll notice these are featured. (Tip: Take the lanterns to the next level and add some candy inside for some interactive decoration for the kids! And adults. Ahem.)

Full Eid Suite from Paper Couture


Oh my Allah OH MY ALLAH this has EVERYTHING! Placemats and water bottle labels and gift tags and eidiyat envelopes and placecards and cupcake tags and cupcake wrappers and everything. And in such a beautiful turquoise color too!

Eid Dessert Table from In My Studio


Another pretty printable from In My Studio! And the best thing is, it sort of goes with the previously mentioned printables from Paper Couture, in case you’d like to mix and match. Aren’t those milk bottles the cutest?

Banner and Stars from Sakina Designs


Another one from Sakina Designs. We’re not sure how easy these stars will be to make, but they look gorgeous! Plus, the blog kindly offers four different color themed sets, and the banner is super easy to make! (We previously mentioned they were two by accident. They’re actually four which makes it THAT much awesomer.)

Eid Party Printables from Sakina Design and My Halal Kitchen


Did we mention how awesome Sakina Design and My Halal Kitchen are? No? They are. This is yet another free beautiful printable set, plus some delicious looking recipes in case you’d like to host a lemon themed iftar or eid lunch.

And that’s it! GO START MAKING STUFF. We’ll be doing that for sure. And have a wonderful last five days of Ramadan!

(DISCLAIMER: All photos in this post belong strictly to the respective blogs we’ve linked to, and which are featured here only to show you how awesome the things are. Please refer to the bloggers should you wish to use them for anything. Keep things halal, yo.)

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5 thoughts on “Eid Printable Round Up!

  1. We love your idea of bringing together all these great ideas. And thanks for sharing our Sakina Design printables!

    FYI, we actually have four color combinations for our Ramadan/Eid stars. And you’re right, they can be a bit tricky to put together, but we have some helpful tips in the instructions … so make sure to read them carefully …

    May you have a wonderful and blessed last few days or Ramadan. Eid mubarak to everyone!


  2. Girl now I want to do all these ideas even though I won’t attend Eid 😛


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